Kvinnor bättre än män? Tydligen...

Den här hittade jag på en sida.....

All this information is backed up by scientific proof.

1. Without women you would not be here today.

2. Worship women, anyone who is a woman. Because every woman is like your mum.

3. Women are superior to men, because you need more than 40 million sperms to fertilize an ovum/egg. Guys, that's quantity, not quality!

4. Sperms are 75,000 times smaller than ovums.

5. Females have two X chromosomes, which carry genes. Males have only one X chromosome, and this X chromosome comes from your mother only. Males, all your genes except your sex comes from your mother.

6. X chromosomes bears over 2,500 genes, the Y carries only 15. You have 2,485 genes less than a female.

7. A male is a biological accident. Y (male) gene is an incomplete X (female) gene.

8. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, thus a walking abortion.

9. From health statistics, in the past 50 years, average volume of ejaculate declined by 20%, and sperm quality is dropping.

10. There are a greater percentage of deformed and sluggish sperms. (Hahahaha)

11. Women are multi-talented. They are now full time career women, and yet they can still run a household. Guys on the other hand come home from work, and complain.

12.Women have a higher threshold of pain, that's why the Goddess gave us the power to give birth and bring life into this world.

13. Women have a longer life expectancy.

14. Young men run a much greater risk than young women from dying of accidents and violence.

15. MEN are dumb, you are so interested in the female's breasts, and IT'S ONLY a LUMP of FAT.

16. Females are highly specialized beings; we have two openings for pleasure and urine excretion. You guys only have ONE urethra where both sperm and urine passes.

17. And for your extra info, urine is acidic, which makes it an unsuitable condition for sperm.

18. In the brain, testosterone is converted to estrogen to bring about its stimulatory effects. So listen up guys, the male hormone has to be changed into the female hormone to bring about masculinizing effects. You are not so macho without female hormones.

19. Your mitochondria (energy source) come from your mother not your father. You are more female than you think!

20.Males only have testosterone and a little quantity of estrogen as sex hormones. Females have more; we have estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Mind you we have more testosterone than you have of our estrogen.

21. There is a higher level of fatality in male fetuses.

22. The Y-chromosomes of males is smaller than the X chromosome, which is a female.

23. Every male is part of a female, as you carry our X chromosomes. Thus, Every male is 50% female.

24. Although females are the ones who give birth and conceive, more males are likely to have a break down during pregnancy of their spouses. You GUYS are WEAK, we go through the pain, and you cry more than we do.

25. Before you are born a male, you are a female first for the first 12 weeks in your mother's womb.

26. Behind every successful man, there is a woman. BUT behind every successful woman, is herself.

27. The males have bigger brains than women. But WOMEN use a higher percentage of their brains than men.

28. Women have lower risks of high cholesterol levels than males, all thanks to our monthly periods. So women, be thankful that we menstruate.

29. Many males out there keep asking for virgin brides. Honestly if you want a virgin bride, then be a virgin yourself. Don't carry STD's and give it to your virgin bride. She doesn't deserve it.

30. There are more good-looking females out there than males. You can't count the number of extremely pretty women, as its countless (Cindy Crawford, Aishwarya Rai, Elle McPherson, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez...). How many males can you list? Only one in my list (my dad).

31. You find pleasure in superficial stuff (Pamela Anderson is plastic and made up) Go Get A Life!!!

So females: Stand up tall and be PROUD to be A WOMAN.

We are superiors to males in many ways. Do not let males put you through shit, put you down, or use you. You are better off without a male who makes you suffer. There are more things to life than a worthless/useless guy.

Postat av: TattarKungen

Hon verkar inte lida av så lite penisavund stackarn... Killar é bäst! Killar i väst suger bäst!

2007-12-29 @ 12:03:29
Postat av: Isa

Hmm.. Jag vet inte om jag håller med! :)

Postat av: TattarKungen

Om författarinnans bitterhet eller det min bror Utte berättat om för mig angående killar i väst? :)

2008-01-03 @ 12:14:47

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