Pictures from Serbia!

More to come...

Postat av: micael

Grymma bilder! Gillar speciellt bild nr 9 (flickan i fönstret)

2007-08-28 @ 20:38:30
Postat av: Aurora

Great pictures, great photographer, i'm waiting for the others...

2007-08-28 @ 21:38:22
Postat av: Isa

Thanks Aurora! I hope I'll have time to put them here tomorrow.. We'll see!
Tack Micks!

Postat av: Anonym

Isa you really are an amazing photographer!! You are so talented, you will go far. I love the one of me me in B&W it just lush. You will have to do me some photos I can put on my wall when I get a house or something. (When I'm making money from film jobs :) ) I will buy them off you.

2007-08-30 @ 09:40:03
Postat av: Isa

Thanks! That makes me very happy! I think I'll come to Serbia again this autumn I hope, and then we can meet again and take some pictures. And keep your eyes open cause I'll put more pictues up soon!

2007-08-30 @ 09:44:04
Postat av: Danielle

Guuuuuuuuuud jag saknar folket !!
Fina bilder det :D

2007-09-02 @ 21:33:54

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